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"My now Fiance and I went to the Freight House last Valentine's Day and had the most amazing dinner. I sincerely loved the atmosphere, the service and the food. Thank you for the establishment you have!"

"We were so pleased with our rehersal dinner at the Freight House. We were happy with the whole evening and our expectations were greatly exceeded. Our guests could not stop talking about the excellent food and service! Thank you for all the work that went into making this evening so perfect!"


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Make tracks to the Freight House a great suburban dining find.

Doylestown's vibrant Freight House is a veritable feast for the senses. Tastefully appointed, with a bold balance between traditional and contemporary elements, the spacious restaurant located across the tracks from the SEPTA R5 line is an exciting alternative to big city dining.

Situated in a former freight house that lay run-down and abandoned for years, the historic building was literally resurrected in 2003, when real estate developer Pam Northrup, David Breznicky and their partners decided to restore its beauty and put it to good use as a dining haven and community center.

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Make tracks to the Freight House...



















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